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Saturday, January 27, 2007

CiCi Ya No Longer on the Westside!

Anna and Devin were out shopping Saturday afternoon. Upon their return, Devin said he had some bad news...CiCi's Pizza on Glenway...has closed. When first we heard of CiCi's a few years ago by Justin and Bethany Honeycutt as well as Jeremy and Jessica Cox, CiCi's has become a frequently visited rerstaurant of the McQuearyClan. Being the only location we were aware of, we would travel to Hamilton Ohio for lunch after church on Sundays. Then to the location in Tri County. But imagine our delight when they opened one on the westside.

I have told the story before how we were were treated to the buffet a couple days before their grand opening. It was a practice run...where employees, their families and invited guests were there to eat at the CiCi's on Glenway. Thinking they were open, we walked in where we were greeted with a resounding...Welcome to CiCi's. The manager said we were his guest..the buffet was free! (He had no idea how much pizza the McQuearyClan can consume). Yes, finally we didn't have to travel far to get our CiCi's fix.

It is a sad more Glenway location.....Oh The Humanity! Oh well, we'll just have to go to Northgate. See Ya!


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