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Friday, January 19, 2007

Return To The Blogosphere

For a family that spends so much time on the internet, we certainly have been away from this blog-thang for a long time. So, over the next few days, we will be catching up.

Today, upon my return home from work, I was treated to a "Down-Home-Smoky Mountain / Black Bear Variety Show". It was quite the multi-media event. There was video, singing, tap dancing. puppets, juggling, story-telling, magic and more. Anna and I are so blessed with imaginative and talented children. A few years ago, I built them a stage in the family room area of our basement. From years of thrift store shopping, yard sales and flea markets, we have collected many MANY props, costumes, intruments etc. The kids have CD players, karoke machine, DVD players, spot lights, microphones and more to go along with their creativity.

Tonight's show was about The Great Smoky Mountains and the Black Bears that I love so much. Well done kids. There is a problem now...I am longing to go back to the mountains. Soon enough.

Well, I'll blog a little more later and teach Anna how to do so as well.


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