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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Some Pics

I am posting on Facebook alot lately. Here are somw recent pics.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

The McQuearyClan Children wish you a Happy New Year! Hope you enjoy some of our Christmas pictures.

Reagan On The Campaign Trail 2008

While the Presidential Election didn't turn out
the way we had hoped, we were,
as a family, energized by Sarah Palin.

Anna, Reagan and I had an opportunity to see Governor Palin in West Chester. What a crowd! We were actually pretty close to the stage. We were surprised when Sarah, at the end of her rally, came down to the crowd to shake hands.
As much as we tried, we were not able to get close enough.

A couple weeks later, we got tickets to go see John McCain and Sarah Palin at Lunken Airport. This time we all went. We waited in a line outside the airport hanger where the "Country First" campaign would arrive. Once inside we could see alot of people getting prime positions in front of the stage. We were very fortunate to find a spot right on the rope line where we hoped that the McCain's and Palin's would pass by.
The first of two planes landed and taxied up close to the hanger. Many members of the press and staff got off along with the featured entertainment, Gretchen Wilson and her band. She only had time to set up and sing one song, "Redneck Woman". Jenna tried to get an autograph. Ms. Wilson said she couldn't. Maybe she was not permitted to, the walkway where she was exiting was slightly elevated and about 10 feet from where we stood. Probably seeing the disappointment on Jenna's face, Gretchen Wilson stepped down from the walkway
and came over to shake Jenna's hand.
Shortly after, the second airplane landed and the place went wild with applause and cheers. John and Cindy McCain came down the steps
followed by Sarah and Todd Palin.

They walked right in front of where we were standing. Two of Sarah Palin's children also came to the stage area.
As did Rob Portman.

After the rally, the youngest two daughters of Sarah and Todd Palin walked back toward the plane. Piper Palin looked over at Reagan and said, "He's Cute". We thought that was really cool. Then what happened was really, really cool! I couldn't snap pictures quick enough to show the full interaction between the candidates and our family...but you will get a good idea.

Twenty or thirty seconds is a long time to spend with someone in a rope line at a political rally. John and Cindy McCain both made over Reagan and Senator McCain had very kind words for Anna. Anna likes to say that at this point Cindy McCain is saying, "John, move out of the way so I can see this little boy".

Then, just what we had hoped for... Sarah sees Reagan.

Reagan meets Sarah Palin. When he sees her on television he chants Sarah! Sarah! At one point while she and Anna are talking, Todd Palin reaches over to pat Reagan's head. Again, 30 seconds or more go by...Sarah reaches out and takes Anna's hand. For a moment Sarah and Anna just lock eyes and say nothing at all... mom to mom of special needs children...their eyes said it all.

Anna introduces Reagan as her perfect little boy. We give them our best wishes and encouragement. We tell them thet they are in our prayers. A final kiss.
They had to move on.

While the Presidential Election didn't turn out the way we had hoped,
we were, as a family, energized by Sarah Palin.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Turn The Air On...PLEASE!!!!!

It's getting hot again...and humid. We had the windows open most of the weekend but it is time to put the Air conditioning back on. After church today we finished up leftovers and just relaxed all day.

We went outside this evening to play some wiffle ball. Reagan had fun running the bases. McQuearyClan children have a way of making up rules as they go along. Logan's rule that a ball hit into the street counted for 5 runs...(a way for him to catch up, perhaps), made it clear that we had had enough sports for one day.

There I was, now in the house, trying to cool off with a freshly made peach iced tea WHEN...a little five year old boy looks up at me...with large puppy dog eyes and says in almost a whisper...Ice Cream? Being a suspicious person anyway, I went into the living room and asked Anna..."Did you put him up to that"? She was unable to keep a smile off her face when she said "Up to what?" She had put him up to it! So, instead of relaxing, off to the store I went. United Dairy Farmers makes a pretty good Micro Shake. These are the faces of some satisfied children with their Coolies and Cream treat.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Celebrating the 4th on the 5th!!

Usually we spend about half the day on July 3rd at Coney Island. Each year they have a Hot Air Balloon Glow followed by a fireworks show. We didn't go this year because Anna and the kids spent 4 days in Shelbyville, Kentucky at her parent's house. They just got a new pool and so the kids had to help break it in for Grandma and Grandpa. I stayed home to work but frankly, I think I'm the one who got the vacation! Anyway, they got home too late on Thursday so we didn't go this year.

They did get home in time for us to go up to the park in Green Township...they put on a really good fireworks show. Unfortunately, due to weather, that show was postponed until Saturday. We have also taken in the fireworks in Colerain Twsp in recent years. rather going directly to te place where all the entertainment is we park at the nearby Elementry and Middle Schools. There is a park right there and since it is only about a quarter mile away from the action, it is a good place to view the fireworks. We, along with many other people, spread out our blankets and set up our chairs, lathered up with bug repelant, got out our snacks and drinks and awaited the show. And so it began...BOOM BANG BOOM...and then from a display of near to the ground fireworks... a very large cloud of very thick smoke began to rise, thicken and grow. I guess because of the humidity or lack of any breeze, that cloud didn't move. I am not exagerating when I say, you could not see the "rocket's red glare" or any other color for that matter from where we were sitting! Lousy view but still a good time sharing was had by all.

Tonight...we were taking no the Green Township's fireworks had been reschedule for this day...the 5th of July...we ventured out to the event. Should we park a little further away and shuttle in on a bus. Certainly we couldn't park close enough to walk they were about to start in 30 minutes! Maybe we could park at the nearby library or school....(no can't take the chance off missing the vbright colors). I drove toward the park...odds against parked in every conceivable fasion on the sides of the road. Still time...we could turn back and make it to a shuttle stop...but then, just like a rainbow shining through the parting clouds after a storm...there it was. One, last, perhaps heaven sent, parking place...directly across from the entrance to the park! (Keep in mind, I was hub cap deep in mud on the passenger side) but probably the best possible spot the was. I can only assume that it was a "rent-a-cop" who had just left. (Sorry, that's what my Dad used to call off duty police officers who direct traffic).

We gathered our chairs, our blankets and our goodies...crossed the street, and went in search of the spot that, for at least a little while, would be called McQuearyClan Land. Closer we walked to center of the park only some 50 feet away from where the orange safety fence had been constructed to keep all at a distance approved by the fire chief of Green Township. With our pilgrimage complete, we had arrived at the Mecca of fireworks.

THIS...WE WILL DO AGAIN! Wow! Really Cool!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Welcome Back

I hope I can remember how to post on this has been so long. In fact, I couldn't remember our password. Summer is in full swing. We are heading out to watch Fourth of July Fireworks in a few minutes. We would like to wish you all a happy Independence Day!

I wanted to post a few recent pictures. I am going to try to post at least a couple times a week.

On Memorial Day Jenna and Anna Marched in the Parade in Cleves representing American heritage Girls. Anna and Tracey Pennington are co-leading a new Troop at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church. After the parade and ceremony at the cemetery, we visited President Wm Henry Harrison's Memorial. I have never been there when it was open for the public to enter the tomb. Jenna added a flag.

Gotta go...heading out to the fireworks!!! More later!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Reagan Wants To Share...

Just wanted to share some photos of Reagan after his surgery last week. On January 2nd, he went in to the hospital to have his tonsils and adnoids removed. As a bonus, he got tubes put back in bothe ears too. After spending 2 nights at Children's Hospital, he got to come home Friday. He's been doing pretty good this week, he has his moments..not wanting to eat and drink like he normally does. The doctor said to expect some weight loss. He has lost about 5 pounds and in my opinion, that's too much, so Anna is calling the doctor tomorrow. I will keep you posted...he should be going back to school next monday. Bye for now. and sorry for only posting about once a month.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Reagan's Visit With Santa Today

Today we went to The Great Wolf Lodge near Kings Island for the Down Syndrome Association Christmas Party. Enjoy the pics.