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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day for Valentines Day

Anna is going crazy...two snow days in a row. it is her own fault, she has been doing the Snow dance since Saturday. The kids were off today and just as we were herding the clan off to bed for the night, Logan saw the announcement come across the TV screen....School Closed Wednesday too. Jenna is a little disappointed, she was looking forward to her class Valentine's Day Party. I told her they will probably have the party on Thursday. With that, she started jumping around and carrying on with the rest. Reagan, who doesn't have school on Wednesdays anyway, was yelling Yay Yaaaaay!

So, we are going to let them stay up a little longer. Funniest Home Videos is on. What is it with that show? It is always on. Don't like American Idol? That's OK AFV is on. Can't stand football, (baseball, basketball etc...), turn the channel and watch AFV. The President is having a news conference on every channel...but can still see AFV. Don't know what to do with kids going crazy because there is no school tomorrow? No problem America's Funniest Videos IS ON!

I came home this afternoon a couple hours early because of the weather. When I walked in, there were valentine decorations all over the place. I thought we would share a couple of the pics. Oh yeah, the best place to watch AFV...Mom and Dad's bed.


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