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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Reagan's Boo Boos

Reagan v.s. Doctor Visit

The other day I took Reagan for his 4 year check-up. Things were going pretty good until the doctor said he was sending in the nurse to do the hard stuff. Reagan needed 3 shots for various things and they had to take 3 samples of blood for a few tests. The nurses started by "trying to get blood from his right arm. I wished her good luck because it has always been very difficult to get blood from his veins. In fact we have had to go to Children's Hospital before to have it done. Reagan and I started acting out VeggieTales scenes. Well as you can see...nothing from the arm. The nurse said she was going for assistance...Reagan gave her a dirty look...and she returned with an expert phlebotomist. New approach, they went for his left wrist. Another dirty look later and the same result. Well, the two professionals asked if I wanted them to keep trying...and oh by the way....we are going to stick him NOW in the legs with his shots now. Those stung and he and I just kept on singing VeggieTales Songs. I told them to try one more time...I mean the kid was going to leak when he drank his apple juice anyway because of all the holes. Third time was a charm. They found a gusher in his right wrist. Reagan did not cry or scream. He had a sad look on his face...the lower lip was puckered. It was good thing they were done at this point because he sat up and said "No More, No More"!


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