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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Answer: The McQueary Kids

I wanted to get a few pictures out this weekend. Devin has spent alot of time with my laptop these last few days. He found many things that that computer can do which I had no idea. I am learning that if I have questions on audio, television, DVD, VHS...etc and now computers, I need to ask Devin and Logan for answers. Devin developed a game of JEOPARDY on the laptop using PowerPoint. He figured out how to add sound effects and graphics, clapping, the Jeopardy theme and much more. He researched questions and answers on the internet. Logan is now developing one about the Muppets. Really Cool. Question: Who are the creative kids in the neighborhood?

Logan had to get to the Comic Book Store on Saturday. (Please visit his blog by using the link to the right.) He was able to get two free comics and was very happy about that. Logan is really getting into blogging. He is so creative and actually draws comics himself. He also likes to plan and organize activities like Family Movie Nights and shows they perform on the stage I built for the kids in the basement. Question: Who are the creative kids in the neighborhood?

Jenna is growing up so fast. I am searching for a way to keep her a little girl. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. last weekend, she went on an overnight Camporee with her American Heritage Girl Troop. This pictur was taken a few weeks ago when the 3rd graders did a wax museum of famous americans. Jenna chose to be Helen Keller. (I sent her to school with sun glasses) Anyway, she researched Hellen Keller online and I gave her a brail book that I had. Jenna enjoys dressing up and acting. Question: Who are the creative kids in the neighborhood?

As I have said before, Reagan LOVES the VeggieTales. He knows most of the movies by heart. We get such a kick out of watching him watch those movies and cartoons. he loves to act out alot of the scenes. Whatever you do don't walk in front of the TV or talk too loudly when one of those are on, he takes his Veggies very seriously. I am trying to get some good video to post of his creative Veggie Viewing. This pic was taken as reagan was going to bed for the night. No doubt to dream about talking vegetables. Oh yeah, Question: Who are the creative kids in the neighborhood?


At 7:07 AM, Blogger Jeremy and Jessica said...

Wow! Your kids are awesome!

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Blogan McQ said...

My jepordy will involve muppets,movies,music and magic. Better study up!

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kids are growing up to fast and to smart. I am lucky to get to my e- mail. Jill


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