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Monday, April 23, 2007

Pics From Easter part 1

Wow, it sure was cold on Easter weekend, wasn't it? McQuearyClan participated, in many ways, in the Easter Egg Hunt put on by Whitewater Crossing Christian Church. The theme was Super Heroes" They have held the festivities at the Miamitown Elementary School for the last two years. The new church building will be completed in the Fall of this year, located south of this school. I have been so impressed with this congregation's outreach to the community and evangelistic efforts.

There were so many kids and families ministered to this day before Resurrection Sunday. Logan and Devin volunteered to help where needed. Here you see Jenna shivering...waiting for the hunt to begin.

Reagan, too was anxious to get started. They had an area set up for the little ones. After the hunt for eggs, the kids could play games, visit a petting zoo and be delighted with music and drama, crafts and bounce houses. Super Heroes making a guest appearance to our Egg Hunt this year were outshined by the "superest of heroes" himself, Jesus. The Bunny and Reagan became good friends. The afternoon concluded in the school gym with a concert.


At 7:12 AM, Blogger Mike&Michele Lockard said...

we missed it this year Chris usally helps out looks like a good turn out.


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