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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our Journey Behind Niagara Falls

Well, this time we got yellow rain coats. We had to take an elevator down 150 feet through bedrock to tunnels that lead to the Cataract Portal and the Great Falls Portal which is one third of the way behind the massive sheet of water, then went on to the Upper and Lower Observation Decks at the foot of the Falls.

The sound is like thunder, the sight awe-inspiring! We took a journey deep below and behind the heart of Niagara and stood in the mist where the mighty Horseshoe Falls tumbled from 13 stories above us.

Most of us found this very exciting. Jenna, as you can see from this picture, wasn't too happy with getting wet. And Devin was a little upset that he lost his favorite hat. You see, the picture at the top of this post was the last time Devin had his cammo hat. We were waiting outside for our scheduled time to go down behind the Falls. The rush of wind pushing up from the base of the Falls is so strong...yes, the hat flew over the edge. It only went a few feet beyond the rail and as we looked over...there were other hats there as well. Sorry Devin.

For A Short History of Journey Behind the Falls click here:


At 7:09 PM, Blogger RCO Banks said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures bring back such great memories. I loved Niagara Falls. Loved it, loved it, loved it.



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