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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Celebrating the 4th on the 5th!!

Usually we spend about half the day on July 3rd at Coney Island. Each year they have a Hot Air Balloon Glow followed by a fireworks show. We didn't go this year because Anna and the kids spent 4 days in Shelbyville, Kentucky at her parent's house. They just got a new pool and so the kids had to help break it in for Grandma and Grandpa. I stayed home to work but frankly, I think I'm the one who got the vacation! Anyway, they got home too late on Thursday so we didn't go this year.

They did get home in time for us to go up to the park in Green Township...they put on a really good fireworks show. Unfortunately, due to weather, that show was postponed until Saturday. We have also taken in the fireworks in Colerain Twsp in recent years. rather going directly to te place where all the entertainment is we park at the nearby Elementry and Middle Schools. There is a park right there and since it is only about a quarter mile away from the action, it is a good place to view the fireworks. We, along with many other people, spread out our blankets and set up our chairs, lathered up with bug repelant, got out our snacks and drinks and awaited the show. And so it began...BOOM BANG BOOM...and then from a display of near to the ground fireworks... a very large cloud of very thick smoke began to rise, thicken and grow. I guess because of the humidity or lack of any breeze, that cloud didn't move. I am not exagerating when I say, you could not see the "rocket's red glare" or any other color for that matter from where we were sitting! Lousy view but still a good time sharing was had by all.

Tonight...we were taking no the Green Township's fireworks had been reschedule for this day...the 5th of July...we ventured out to the event. Should we park a little further away and shuttle in on a bus. Certainly we couldn't park close enough to walk they were about to start in 30 minutes! Maybe we could park at the nearby library or school....(no can't take the chance off missing the vbright colors). I drove toward the park...odds against parked in every conceivable fasion on the sides of the road. Still time...we could turn back and make it to a shuttle stop...but then, just like a rainbow shining through the parting clouds after a storm...there it was. One, last, perhaps heaven sent, parking place...directly across from the entrance to the park! (Keep in mind, I was hub cap deep in mud on the passenger side) but probably the best possible spot the was. I can only assume that it was a "rent-a-cop" who had just left. (Sorry, that's what my Dad used to call off duty police officers who direct traffic).

We gathered our chairs, our blankets and our goodies...crossed the street, and went in search of the spot that, for at least a little while, would be called McQuearyClan Land. Closer we walked to center of the park only some 50 feet away from where the orange safety fence had been constructed to keep all at a distance approved by the fire chief of Green Township. With our pilgrimage complete, we had arrived at the Mecca of fireworks.

THIS...WE WILL DO AGAIN! Wow! Really Cool!


At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great 4th. Way to go Anna on the ice cream. Jill

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