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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Turn The Air On...PLEASE!!!!!

It's getting hot again...and humid. We had the windows open most of the weekend but it is time to put the Air conditioning back on. After church today we finished up leftovers and just relaxed all day.

We went outside this evening to play some wiffle ball. Reagan had fun running the bases. McQuearyClan children have a way of making up rules as they go along. Logan's rule that a ball hit into the street counted for 5 runs...(a way for him to catch up, perhaps), made it clear that we had had enough sports for one day.

There I was, now in the house, trying to cool off with a freshly made peach iced tea WHEN...a little five year old boy looks up at me...with large puppy dog eyes and says in almost a whisper...Ice Cream? Being a suspicious person anyway, I went into the living room and asked Anna..."Did you put him up to that"? She was unable to keep a smile off her face when she said "Up to what?" She had put him up to it! So, instead of relaxing, off to the store I went. United Dairy Farmers makes a pretty good Micro Shake. These are the faces of some satisfied children with their Coolies and Cream treat.

Hope you had a good weekend.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

My husband, Ryan, actually found your blog because he was researching Detech through google. He works for a man who owns a dealership. Anyhow, he told me about your blog because he realized that you had a child with Down syndrome. So do we! My daughter, Gabi, is almost 9 years old.

You have a very beautiful family. So glad Ryan came across your blog. He is actually typing a comment on his laptop as I type this. LOL.

Have you ever been on any of the Down syndrome message boards? I'll link you up with 2 really good ones below this message. They are great for when you have questions, concerns, need prayers, share struggles or just want to brag about your little one.

T21 Online -

Down Syn-

and of course you can see our blog (Gabi's World) @

Hope to see more of your great family!

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