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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Devin Sings the National Anthem

For The Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game
( Along With The Other Kids In Ovation)

Devin's Choir from school had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem before the Reds Game the other day. The kids did a great job. Logan and I went to the game as well. We had a real good time and got to see a winner in the 10th inning.

Kind'a hard to see Devin. The director is facing the kids. Follow her left hand right to Devin. (It looks like Ms. Merkle's finger is in his nose.

This is a little easier to see him He is right below the "T" in Bud LighT.

Logan wanted me to take this picture because last year we got a picture here. Last year, however, it was cold and rainy so we left the game early. In that picture, Logan was NOT happy. This time, he is wearing a smile. Speaking of wearing something, the Reds gave away Ryan Freel #6 T-Shirts to the adults in attendance. Since Loagan was wearing his Griffey shirt, I let Devin wear my new shirt. (The mud stains are printed on the shirt on purpose.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Take A Vitual Tour

Of Whitewater Crossing Christian Church's New Building

We are so looking forward to the completion of Whitewater Crossing Christian Churches new building, this Fall. The new location for the church is on StRt 128 between Miamitown and Cleves. I have listed two links, to the right, that will take you to the old and the new websites.

Please be our guests as you take a virtual tour by clicking on this link:

Easter pics part 2

After worship service Sunday morning we made our way to Grandma and Grandpa Wright's for Easter dinner. The kids enjoyed yet another Easter Egg Hunt in the yard with their cousins Ben and Chloe. We all watched "Facing The Giants" while eating desserts.

Leave No Basket Unturned!

I Think I see Some Over There!

Now That Is A Look Of Determination!

I Think, For Sure, Jenna Got The Most!

NASCAR Cheerleaders????

When you think about it, most major sports have cheerleaders. Football, basketball and now even baseball. I guess since Anna and I like to watch NASCAR, Jenna and Reagan thought it a good idea to have cheerleaders for that sport too. I have a feeling Jenna helped her little brother with his outfit.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pics From Easter part 1

Wow, it sure was cold on Easter weekend, wasn't it? McQuearyClan participated, in many ways, in the Easter Egg Hunt put on by Whitewater Crossing Christian Church. The theme was Super Heroes" They have held the festivities at the Miamitown Elementary School for the last two years. The new church building will be completed in the Fall of this year, located south of this school. I have been so impressed with this congregation's outreach to the community and evangelistic efforts.

There were so many kids and families ministered to this day before Resurrection Sunday. Logan and Devin volunteered to help where needed. Here you see Jenna shivering...waiting for the hunt to begin.

Reagan, too was anxious to get started. They had an area set up for the little ones. After the hunt for eggs, the kids could play games, visit a petting zoo and be delighted with music and drama, crafts and bounce houses. Super Heroes making a guest appearance to our Egg Hunt this year were outshined by the "superest of heroes" himself, Jesus. The Bunny and Reagan became good friends. The afternoon concluded in the school gym with a concert.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring Musical at Devin's School

Devin's school choir, Ovation, presented their Spring Musical, "Clowns". Devin had the lead speaking role. He is the one in a funny clown costume. The kids really did a great job.

Reagan's Boo Boos

Reagan v.s. Doctor Visit

The other day I took Reagan for his 4 year check-up. Things were going pretty good until the doctor said he was sending in the nurse to do the hard stuff. Reagan needed 3 shots for various things and they had to take 3 samples of blood for a few tests. The nurses started by "trying to get blood from his right arm. I wished her good luck because it has always been very difficult to get blood from his veins. In fact we have had to go to Children's Hospital before to have it done. Reagan and I started acting out VeggieTales scenes. Well as you can see...nothing from the arm. The nurse said she was going for assistance...Reagan gave her a dirty look...and she returned with an expert phlebotomist. New approach, they went for his left wrist. Another dirty look later and the same result. Well, the two professionals asked if I wanted them to keep trying...and oh by the way....we are going to stick him NOW in the legs with his shots now. Those stung and he and I just kept on singing VeggieTales Songs. I told them to try one more time...I mean the kid was going to leak when he drank his apple juice anyway because of all the holes. Third time was a charm. They found a gusher in his right wrist. Reagan did not cry or scream. He had a sad look on his face...the lower lip was puckered. It was good thing they were done at this point because he sat up and said "No More, No More"!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jenna Got A Package

A few weeks ago we ordered the dress that Jenna will be wearing for Michael and Katie's Wedding, as a flower girl, coming up this Summer. About a week after we ordered it FedEx delivered it. We aren't going to show the dress to you..just the package and Jenna's expression.

Devin's Bridging Over Ceremony / Arrow of Light

Devin is no longer a Cub Scout. We had the pleasure of joining him at his Bridging Ceremony. Cub Scouts have the opportunity to move up in rank during their years in scouting. The Arrow of Light Award is the highest rank in Cub Scouting. A Webelos Scout should set his sights on it early. It's tougher to earn than the Webelos badge.
This is a photo of the boys in Pack 186 who have earned the Arrow of Light.
By the time he has earned the Arrow of Light Award, he will have learned many things about a lot of subjects - and a lot about Boy Scouting. He will be ready to join a Boy Scout troop! The Arrow of Light award is the only Cub Scout award that can be worn on a Boy Scout uniform.

The boys who have earned the Arrow of Light are presented with a shadow box with things from their Cub Scouting years.

The boys who will be going on to Boy Scouts go through a Bridging Ceremony where they leave Cub Scouts and become a Boy Scout. Once a boy is a Webelo Scout, the highest rank in Cub Scouting, they wear a brown shirt with black epaulets on the shoulders. Once they decide to join a Boy Scout Troop, a member of the new Troop removes the black shoulders and puts on red epaulets signifying Boy Scouts.

Logan is already a member of Boy Scout Troop 420. Logan also earned his Arrow of Light last year. What was so cool was that Logan greeted Devin into the Troop and placed Devin's red epaulets on his shoulders.

What is a ceremony if it doesn't include cake?

A Shout Out to my Mom and Sister

As the sun is setting here in Cincinnati, my Mom called and was sharing that it was a little cool in Florida right now.

Anna asked if it was still warm enough to swim...of course it was. A little cool in Florida isn't the same as a little cool here. Thanks, Mom!

OK.....It hasn't been quite that bad here. Spring Break did seem a little like Winter Break, though. Sorry we haven't been posting pictures of the kids for so long. I am going to try and get a few sent tonight and more tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Egg On My Face

Chrissy called to say..."You Don't Blog Anymore"! OK,....We will blast a bunch this week and get everyonr caught up with what has been going on for the last month.