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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jenna's Court of Honor

American Heritage Girls Troop 3739 held their Court of Honor last week. Jenna earned 4 additional merit badges. She earned Emergency Preparedness, Our Flag, Photography and Pet Care.

As a Tenderfoot, 3rd grade, Jenna was also able to participate in the Gateway Ceremony. Going from 3rd grade to 4th means that she is now an Explorer.

There was also a video presentation of activities they participated in throughout the year. Jenna was in many of the photos, I tried to capture photos of the photos and now I will attempt to show you the photos of the photos ....(I need a merit badge for this).

And, of course, what would a Court of Honor be without food? A good time was had by all. Thanks for joining with us in congratulating Jenna on a job well done.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Insight From Reagan

Anna and Jenna went to Katie's Bridal Shower a week ago. Katie and Michael are getting married in July. Anyway, while the girls were having lunch and spending time with Katie, the boys had an afternoon out. We shared pictures of the Loveland Castle earlier. After we left there, we went up to visit my Dad's grave in Mason. We brushed off the grass from a recent lawn mowing a fixed a flag near the headstone next to Dad's.

A bird caught Reagan's attention and he took off after it...followed by Logan taking off after Reagan and Devin and I taking off after them. Anyway, we were out in the field and I said we needed to go back up to see Grandpa. To get Reagan's attention toward where we wanted to return, ultimately the car, I said "where's Grandpa ?"

Now, I don't know if he has picked up on the conversations between Anna and I and the older kids about death and Heaven, or what. But, in the wisdom of a child...Reagan answered my question, "where's Grandpa",by pointing to heaven. Isn't this a great picture? I just needed to share it with you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip To Loveland Castle

A week ago, Saturday, the boys and I went to the Loveland Castle. Have you ever been there? It is really cool.

Loveland Castle is a unique architectural treasure, built in the Normanesque style by the late Harry D. Andrews. Mr Andrews spent some time in France--first during World War I, and later to attend college. The castle was authentically designed as a full-scale replica of a medieval Normanesque castle, Ch√Ęteau Laroche, while the ballroom was designed one-fifth scale. Mr Andrews began building the castle in the spring of 1929, on the North bank shore of Little Miami River, in the city of Loveland, Ohio. The construction stones were provided from the river rock. The castle became his life's work, and over the next half a century, he built a 17-room castle. The architecture of the castle includes a great hall, a banquet hall, an armory, a master bedroom, a chapel, a small work office, a dungeon, and beautiful gardens with exceptional plants and flowers.

One of the most amazing things we heard about Harry was that he carried nearly 50,000 buckets full of stone up the bank of the river and from a nearby gorge. He lived in the castle and worked on it until he died in 1981.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reagan's Field Trip to Parky's Farm

Reagan's Pre-School class went on a field trip to Parky's Farm at Winton Woods a few days ago. Mom and Dad went along too. Parky's Farm is a 100-acre demonstration farm with vegetable gardens, orchards, farm animals and a petting zoo. Parky's PlayBarn is an indoor, two-story barn-like playground with soft flooring where kids can tumble, explore and climb to their heart's content. The first thing we did was go to the petting zoo. Reagan saw llamas, sheep, rabbits, cows and even brushed a pony. There were chickens and turkeys and his favorite...goats! The goats pictured here were very young and playful.

We took a walk around the pond and through the garden and then took a ride in a wagon through the woods. Reagon enjoyed playing in the barn where he could climb and go down slides and play in the ball pits. I can't be certain but I think his favorite thing to do was ride the horse. (My favorite thing was eating lunch and reclining in the grass.) The day concluded with a puppet show. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mommy and Reagan striking a pose for the camera.

He really had fun on his field trip.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You Gotta' See This...

Click Over To Logan's Blog To See The Explaination
Of This Picture.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Family Friendly Funny!

Have You Seen The Evangelism Linebacker?
We saw this video clip that Whitewater Crossing purchased at church on Sunday morning. Since you must buy the download or dvd, the company will allow you to post and distribute the link to their site, Once there, you can view the clip.

Anyway, the clip features Derwin "Dewey" Gray, former NFL player. Dewey was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts as the 92nd selection in the fourth round of the 1993 NFL draft and played five seasons with the Colts and one season with the Carolina Panthers. He was nominated twice for the Pro Bowl in his six-year NFL career and served as one of the team captains on the 1995-1996 Indianapolis Colts team that advanced to the AFC Championship game.

For six seasons in the NFL he played with a contagious passion that led to two Pro Bowl nominations. For the last six years, he has communicated the Gospel of Grace around America and abroad with an intense passion that is both contagious and inspiring. Dewey is a 2004 graduate of the Billy Graham Institute of Emerging Evangelists. He is also a seminary student. You can navigate from the clip, after viewing, to get his entire bio. I hope you enjoy this video clip as much as we have. Here's the link:

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Answer: The McQueary Kids

I wanted to get a few pictures out this weekend. Devin has spent alot of time with my laptop these last few days. He found many things that that computer can do which I had no idea. I am learning that if I have questions on audio, television, DVD, VHS...etc and now computers, I need to ask Devin and Logan for answers. Devin developed a game of JEOPARDY on the laptop using PowerPoint. He figured out how to add sound effects and graphics, clapping, the Jeopardy theme and much more. He researched questions and answers on the internet. Logan is now developing one about the Muppets. Really Cool. Question: Who are the creative kids in the neighborhood?

Logan had to get to the Comic Book Store on Saturday. (Please visit his blog by using the link to the right.) He was able to get two free comics and was very happy about that. Logan is really getting into blogging. He is so creative and actually draws comics himself. He also likes to plan and organize activities like Family Movie Nights and shows they perform on the stage I built for the kids in the basement. Question: Who are the creative kids in the neighborhood?

Jenna is growing up so fast. I am searching for a way to keep her a little girl. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. last weekend, she went on an overnight Camporee with her American Heritage Girl Troop. This pictur was taken a few weeks ago when the 3rd graders did a wax museum of famous americans. Jenna chose to be Helen Keller. (I sent her to school with sun glasses) Anyway, she researched Hellen Keller online and I gave her a brail book that I had. Jenna enjoys dressing up and acting. Question: Who are the creative kids in the neighborhood?

As I have said before, Reagan LOVES the VeggieTales. He knows most of the movies by heart. We get such a kick out of watching him watch those movies and cartoons. he loves to act out alot of the scenes. Whatever you do don't walk in front of the TV or talk too loudly when one of those are on, he takes his Veggies very seriously. I am trying to get some good video to post of his creative Veggie Viewing. This pic was taken as reagan was going to bed for the night. No doubt to dream about talking vegetables. Oh yeah, Question: Who are the creative kids in the neighborhood?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Family Friendly Funny!!!

Have you ever been to The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? McQuearyClan has been there twice and recommend it highly. The Comedy Barn offers clean comedy for an enjoyable evening of family fun. You'll laugh until you can't laugh anymore.

Logan found a clip of one of the skits where people in the audience are brought up on stage to participate. It's about 9 minutes long and I laugh every time I watch it.

Logan has it posted on his blog. You can get there by clicking here
or on his Blogan Logan link to the right. Thanks for looking.

Reds Win When Ovation Sings

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Reagan Playing Cat In The Hat

In Dr, Seuss's first book featuring this character (The Cat in the Hat, 1957), the Cat brings a cheerful, exotic and exuberant form of chaos to a household of two young children one rainy day while their mother is out. Bringing with him two creatures appropriately named Thing One and Thing Two, the Cat performs all sorts of wacky tricks to amuse the children, with mixed results. The Cat's antics are vainly opposed by the family pet, who is a sentient and articulate goldfish. The children capture the Things and bring the Cat under control. He cleans up the house on his way out, disappearing seconds before the mother arrives.

Reagan sometimes brings a cheerful, exotic and exuberant form of chaos to our household. He certainly shows his displeasure when a toy or movie or prop has been moved! I often wonder if he has Thing One and Thing Two with him to make such a mess. Reagan, too, performs wacky tricks to amuse us, with mixed results. Our family pet, (Boots, a cat) often objects to Reagan's antics if it involves her. It gets a little crazy around here at times. Usually, however, when it comes time to clean up...he is better about that than the other kids.

Reagan is such a joy. He is doing well in pre-school which he attends 4 half-days a week. He also has speech therapy one day a week. Once I figure out how to post video, I want to show you how Reagan acts out the scenes in the VeggieTales movies he is so fond of.